Made-to-measure LED lighting built-in below the units.
Combination of units with pull-out drawer and shelves to simplify storage.
The units are opened by means of a hand grip with integrated recess. Available in 25 different colours.
Built-in matte Cristalplant basin with a contemporary shape and design.

Industrial style bathroom

Loft Story

Collection Designer Line

We pride ourselves on our handle-free bathroom suites and this urban-style bathroom is contemporary in looks and finish, with oxidised-effect raw materials and concrete bringing a modern industrial feel. With slimline LED strips beneath the cabinet to soften the effect, this exclusive Schmidt design offers rounded corners, sleek lines and easy pull-out drawers – a minimalist look with maximum effect.
This bathroom features the Arcos Eolis Bain range with the Marvel and Harvey colours.

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Original, unstructured storage solution.
Touch Latch opening of the upper sections of the units.
Pull-out unit at base opened using hand grip recess.