Large storage space in the washbasin unit equipped with a set of cosmetics trays to hold small everyday objects.
Square-shaped mixer tap adapted to the lines and forms of the bathroom.
Double-sided bookcase to break up the space without partitioning the two rooms.
Discreet, elegant black TWIN profile handles.

Black and white bathroom units

Stylish Black

Collection Designer Line

This striking monochrome effect is created by contrasting deep black lacquer and pristine Everest white. With clean, geometric lines and a countertop sink, this stylish ensuite also features plenty of storage – spacious drawers with understated black outlines are complemented by the large, double-sided bookcase with convenient bathroom shelves.
This bathroom features the Arcos Twin Bain range with the Everest colour.

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Contrast of satin black and matte white. Sober and visually appealing.
Square basin in brilliant synthetic resin. Timeless look and discreet design.
Combination of open and closed storage spaces.