Bespoke modern bathrooms

Treat yourself to a moment of bliss and relaxation in a modern bespoke bathroom with a distinct Scandinavian style. The bathroom vanities and wall units designed by our stylists clearly stand out with their strong graphical lines and their moisture and splash-resistant materials. There is also a gold mine of smart storage spaces hidden behind the fronts with their stylish finish. In other words, there is plenty of room to store your towels and toiletries, and why not liven up the bathroom with indoor plants and framed photos. Pastel tones and pure white are clearly among the favourite colours, especially when subtly combined with light wood varieties.

The most practical and space-saving storage solution is undoubtedly the washbasin unit, which is deliberately designed without legs to produce a light, airy feel and features deep drawers adorned with designer metal handles. The unit is surrounded by a shelf with open sections, a lower-profile cabinet with two swing doors and a chest of drawers with alternating open and closed compartments. To add the finishing touch to this bright and relaxing bathroom, the indispensable mirror with built-in or side lighting is available in various shapes and sizes, and can even be accompanied by decorative panels.