Bespoke mirrors for your bathroom

Discover our mirror offers to make your bathroom completely unique and personalised: both functional and decorative, the mirror plays with its reflection in your bathroom. An essential accessory, your mirror and its bespoke lighting will give you complete satisfaction at any time of the day.

Your backlit mirrors

Change the setting when you step inside your new bathroom: the mirror frame lights up so that you can clearly see your reflection every morning.

For an even more stylish touch, sleek metal shelves are available for fixing to the mirror to hold all the key accessories for your personal grooming rituals.

Your bespoke bathroom mirrors

Select the size of your made-to-measure mirror down to the millimetre and customise with a decorative panel in the colour of your choice. Add complementary lighting underneath.

Washbasin furniture with natural organic vegetable colouring
Bathroom with terrazzo unit and natural stone effect

Personalised mirrors with printed patterns and retro built-in lighting

You can find these patterns on the sliding doors on your bathroom storage. The pattern is frosted and back-lit to provide more contrast.

The bathroom cabinet to enlarge your storage space

Functional unit thanks to its dual use :

Mirror and storage area

- With a single swing door

- A triptych

- Or lift-up door