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E130 : more height for your kitchen storage

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Our kitchen unit designs give you more for the same price: more comfort to take the strain out of using your kitchen, an extra drawer for more storage space and coordinated lines for a beautiful and practical space.

With Evolution 130, Schmidt is revolutionising the kitchen

A kitchen that’s perfectly adapted to your storage requirements and at the right height for you thanks to the extra-height base units. Your worktop is set at the correct level for you and can be adjusted to the nearest millimetre by adapting the thickness of the worktop and the height of the plinths

Standard size

Size increased by 6 cm, 1 extra drawer !

Schmidt is revolutionising space

The specific height of our units means you benefit from an extra drawer. 
With this additional drawer in each base unit, you gain an extra 33% storage space and if you add the optional insert drawer, you have 66% additional storage volume.

The insert drawer is an internal drawer. It makes it possible to optimise the storage space in a pan drawer unit by efficiently making use of the full height of the unit. A practical and elegant solution for the easy storage of your saucepan and frying pan lids.

Schmidt is revolutionising design 


New cabinet dimensions have been added to the collection to allow the precise alignment of the wall and base units with a huge range of configuration options. Symmetrical pull-out drawers, both horizontally and vertically, perfectly balanced proportions and domestic appliances beautifully built-in underneath your worktops.

Clean lines, perfect symmetry, new cabinet dimensions:
Evolution 130 offers you a wealth of possibilities without compromising on design.