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Jumbo line: maximise your kitchen storage capacities

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Because they’re deeper than conventional units, this line makes it possible to gain a huge amount of space without cluttering up the kitchen with units. By choosing Jumbo size, you increase the space available for the storage of everything in your kitchen.

Base units: 30% more space for greater storage capacity and a larger work surface

With a depth of 70 cm, the Jumbo base units provide 30% extra storage space and a worktop that’s 20% larger! Your kitchen is better organised, more practical and more comfortable to cook in. Ideal for optimising small spaces.

You benefit from a larger space in front of your appliances. This deeper worktop allows you to have room to place equipment and prepare food.

You gain an extra depth, representing a 30% increase in space.

Wall units: an extra 12 centimetres of depth to optimise your space

This line of units of 47 cm in depth is an exclusive Schmidt development. It’s the ideal space-enhancing solution for small kitchens. Your wall units offer more space in a smaller room.

Schmidt innovation: SESAM, a unit with hidden depths

Schmidt has developed an innovative 2-in-1 unit with a clever compartment. Add some spice to your kitchen. Just press the remote control and the rear part of the unit will drop down as if by magic to reveal your spices, glasses or bottles. Everything is neatly stored away, yet still to hand.