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Bespoke kitchens, make your dream a reality

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With Perfect Fit, Schmidt has put its philosophy of made-to-measure into practice by offering you customisable solutions for every room in the home. Customisation now covers every aspect of design: dimensions, aesthetics and functions. It’s a unique concept that makes almost anything possible for your new kitchen. Your space is optimised and the range of colours and finishes is limitless!

Perfect fit : The kitchen that fits you

Optimise space and maximise your storage. With Schmidt, you have unrestricted use of the available surface area and the equipment in your kitchen.

Vue de détail d'ambiance de la cuisine Arcos Zonza avec flèches indicatives pour le sur-mesure, Perfect Fit

Furniture made-to-measure to the nearest millimetre at no extra cost*

A Schmidt exclusive: furniture with drawers and pull-outs that can be adjusted to the nearest millimetre to match the dimensions of your kitchen. Not one centimetre is wasted; the entire space is used and you gain extra storage capacity whatever the constraints of the room. And all this at no extra cost.**

* Applicable to the ranges: Arcos E130,  Arcos Eolis, Arcos E130 Brillant,Arcos Brillant Eolis, Arcos E130 Edition, Arcos Edition Eolis, Arcos Supermat, Arcos Supermat Eolis, Frame,Groove, Strass Brillant, Strass Brillant Eolis, Loft E130 Micron, Loft E130 Micron Eolis, Boxea, Multiway, Surface, Surface Eolis, Major, Major Eolis, Strato, Strato Eolis.
** Up to three made-to-measure furniture units at no extra cost per kitchen, chosen among the non-equipped pull-out units and the variable wall units

With Opti-Line, let your imagination run wild

Détail d'un meuble de cuisine haut Perfect Fit avec les flèches indicatives pour le sur-mesure
Détail d'un meuble de cuisine large Perfect Fit avec les flèches indicatives pour le sur-mesure

See the big picture with our Opti-Line collection. You can fit units from floor to ceiling. Our super-functional cabinets are perfect for all your needs. You determine the height and width to the nearest millimetre.

Our Opti-Line cabinets are designed to respond to all architectural constraints and all room configurations. For example, if you have an American-style fridge, it can be housed in such a way so that it is enclosed and showcased in a wall of storage units.

Economical and practical: XXL format

Whether your housing or cabinet is for your wine cellar, electronics, laundry, tableware, brooms and/or other household equipment, Opti-Line offers a wealth of possibilities. Ideal for optimising your space and maximizing your storage capacity. Ideal for small kitchens.