Choose the right colour for your kitchen

Choosing the colour for your kitchen comes down to your personal taste as well as the style and mood that you are looking create in one of the most important living spaces in your home. Need some ideas for the colour of your kitchen? Check out our tips and advice!

Neutral tones for a colourful timeless kitchen

Are you fairly uncomfortable with overly bright colours? Would you rather create a soft and intimate atmosphere in your kitchen? Do you want a colourful kitchen that you will not have to redecorate in 10 years' time? Then classic colours hold the answer.

There are many different classic colours for creating a kitchen that will reflect your personality and provide enjoyment for many years to come. At the top of the classic inspiration list you will find all the neutral and soft tones, such as the numerous shades of white (beige, off-white, ecru, etc.), grey (anthracite, light, mouse grey, etc.) and brown (mole, chocolate, coffee and terracotta). Wooden crate-inspired units for fruit and vegetables or wine bottles can be incorporated into this type of kitchen colour to emphasise their deep and authentic character.

Which kitchen colour matches with which material?

There are countless ways to bring a touch of colour into the kitchen. Among the colourful kitchen styles that bring elegance and refinement in equal measure, Schmidt has designed Dolce Vita kitchen whose colours are just as gentle and soft as the Italian lifestyle. Its secret lies in the combination of colours and materials. The colour of the Sirra fronts is a match made in heaven with a marble-effect splashback and worktop, or a brushed metal mixer tap.

For a more spring-like feel, you can use brighter colours that will naturally harmonise with the wood. This material is also well suited to dark shades, such as for contrasting black worktops with light-coloured units, or otherwise creating a kitchen that simply exudes a soft and warm atmosphere. Colourful kitchen units in the brightest colours are even ideally suited to OSB worktops and splashbacks to produce a trendy and dynamic workshop style.

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Decided on a colourful kitchen, but unsure how to go about it?

Talking about a colourful kitchen may be fairly vague. From the fronts to the light fittings, including the seats, splashbacks, worktops and decorative items, colour can be introduced to many parts of the kitchen! To avoid making a mistake, we would advise you to preferably add colour to all the fronts if you have decided to go for a soft or neutral tone, as illustrated by the modern and colourful Plant-Inspired kitchen.

On the other hand, if you have set your heart on a sparkling kitchen colour, you should use it sparingly on just some of the units (about half), as shown by the Ultra-Trendy yellow and black kitchen. This will liven up your colourful kitchen without overpowering the overall design. The idea of striking the right balance is vitally important when determining the colour for your kitchen. You can also buy some dinnerware or a few pots in the same colour as your fronts to stylishly replicate the colour scheme on your open shelves or during dinner!

You hesitate about the choice of materials and colours?
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How do you paint the walls for a colourful kitchen?

The walls also play a role in providing inspiration for adding colour to your kitchen. Depending on the chosen colour, you are free to go for a full colour look, such as our daring blue and gold Pictural kitchen. The colour of the fronts is reflected on the walls, thereby turning your kitchen into its own little universe within the home. The reverse effect is also an excellent way of highlighting the deep colour of a front. For example, the rounded Timeless kitchen sis adorned with neutral colours to better highlight the deep green of the fronts. Similarly, coloured walls are just the solution for emphasising a classically designed kitchen. When it comes to coloured walls, it is often a matter of playing around with contrasts. But everything is a question of style. Contrasting colours are especially suited to industrial kitchens. For a more natural atmosphere, such as the Indoor Garden kitchen, prioritise harmony between the colours of the different materials, including green walls, a grey worktop and wooden stools.

Our other advice for choosing the right colours and layout for your kitchen:

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