Bespoke contemporary kitchens

Timeless elegance, harmonious proportions and prestige materials are just some of the keywords that accurately describe a Schmidt-designed contemporary bespoke fitted kitchen. Built around a rectangular central kitchen island with a wealth of storage compartments and silent, high-performance appliances, our fitted kitchens exude a sense of well-being and warmth. The unit fronts look amazing with a marble finish or ultra-glossy lacquered paint. For an ideal worktop, look no further than quartz or scratch-resistant pure white laminate. Handleless storage modules provide the ultimate in sobriety with a built-in opening-closing mechanism behind the fronts and lighting concealed inside the wall units.

Whether prioritising sharp, clean lines or embracing a softer look with rounded angles, a contemporary kitchen will look sublime in an endlessly fashionable black and white colour scheme with a mirror finish or softer tones like glacier blue enhanced with touches of blond wood and slate grey. To make best use of the available space, the ovens and refrigerator are housed within a series of storage solutions that not only deliver plenty of practicality but cleverly conceal all the kitchen appliances. All that remains is to choose your dream table and chairs.