A central island with an S-shaped worktop.
Easier opening with this foldaway door.
A storage unit in harmony with the curves of the kitchen.
A wall of housings for keeping all appliances tucked away out of sight.

White contemporary kitchen


Collection Elegance

Eric is not one to brag, but even so he never gets tired of telling his friends that he is the proud owner of the world's most beautiful white kitchen. Sandrine wanted an exceptionally classy kitchen, but without the bling. Schmidt rose to the challenge with a bespoke S-shaped Quartz worktop and Esmeralda green fronts to stylishly contrast with the Micron White full-height storage units, where the folding doors allow easy access to all the contents.

Zoom on this white contemporary kitchen

Large storage unit with floor-to-ceiling folding doors that conceal the plinth.
Rounded base unit that hugs the curves of the central island.
A sleek and sophisticated touch in your kitchen with an under-mounted sink and a mixer tap that mimics the shape of the central island.