Extremely hard-wearing ceramic worktop to bring a mineral feel to the kitchen.
The storage cabinet and clever accessories for tidying away plates and dishes.
A "real" must-have wine fridge! This wine fridge has its own housing to seamlessly blend into the kitchen!
Dining area in harmony with the kitchen, and chairs to match the Kami high stools.

Contemporary open kitchen

The French Exception

Collection Elegance

Marco and Clara enjoy the finer things in life, and that means beautiful spaces and refined materials in their contemporary open kitchen. They believe that style should not be too flamboyant, but subtly reflected in the details, such as the Marquinia-coloured ceramic worktop, the full-height housings and the pantry cupboard where Clara can tidy away the exotic spices that she brings back from each conference abroad. Their pride and joy is the Magnus-coloured snack area where Marco can show his culinary skills.

Zoom on this contemporary open kitchen

Perfectly symmetrical cabinets and high-end fronts covering the plinth.
The wooden snack area connects both islands to provide maximum space for the whole family.
A lounge in harmony with the kitchen.