Open plan kitchen with deli atmosphere with Coral pink and black units.
Extractor hood suspended above the central island with metal structure.

Deli-style kitchen with bottle racks


Collection Designer Line

If there’s one place where the whole family likes to get together, it’s definitely the kitchen! And that’s exactly where this couple of forty-somethings have got into the habit of sitting around the central island with their friends, putting the world to rights over a great bottle of wine or a warm, friendly meal. As for the children, they love sitting on the high stools at mealtimes and really enjoy living in such a warm, friendly space. For Lizzie and Nick, the industrial-design kitchen was the obvious choice. And now it feels as though it’s always been there!

Zoom on the wooden crate-inspired units and bottle racks

Cross-shaped storage areas acting as built-in bottle cabinets.
End of island: an indispensable metal-finish element for storing supplies.
Drawers with wooden crate-style fronts: guaranteed deli atmosphere.