Kitchen sinks and mixer taps

Did you know that you spend up to 60% of your time at the kitchen sink? Choosing the right sink unit is thus essential as it transforms a simple washing-up location into a real preparation area. Consider its design, ergonomics, ease of use and maintenance when realizing your kitchen project with your Schmidt Designer.

How to choose your kitchen sink according to your use?

Advantages of a single or double sink? With or without dish drainer?

- If you have a dishwasher a simple sink can suffice, even without a drainer.
- If you eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, a second sink can be useful to wash and peel your fresh products.
- If you wash your dishes by hand, a double sink with a drainer is essential;
- If you only wash large saucepans by hand, a single large sink can suffice.

Our large sink model offers easy washing for large dishes, especially those that do not fit in the dishwasher, it is by far the most popular size we supply.

Our designers in the showroom know how to advise you by taking into account your lifestyle and the design of your fitted kitchen.

What fitting type for your sink?

Inset sink

This is the simplest type, where the sink sits slightly proud of the worktop, and has a silicone seal to stop water ingress. This is the most practical type of sink if you have a laminate worktop, but will work with any worktop.

Under-mount sink

Sink sits under the worktop, really only suitable for use with a granite or stone worktop, as well as looking great in a contemporary kitchen, it is very easy to maintain and clean.


Similar to an inset, but it fits flush with the worktop, making it easier to keep clean.

What material suits you the best?

Aesthetic and functional: the choice of sink is extremely important and depends on your use. This has an impact on the kitchen design but also on the ease of maintenance. As your kitchen sink is central, Schmidt designers combine pleasant and useful features with a selection of high quality sinks that are accessible and resistant.

Granite sink

Granite is the fourth hardest material in the world after topaz, ruby and diamond. A granite sink has a strong aesthetic appeal and pleasant texture. It can contrast with, or be the same colour as, your granite worktop, contributing to the general aesthetics of your kitchen. This sink is made up of 80 % natural granite and 20 % acrylic resin that is chemically inert. The surface of the kitchen sink is tough with various colours or pigments. Regular maintenance with the abrasive side of a sponge and scouring cream is sufficient.

Stainless steel sink

A stainless steel sink is timeless and works with all styles. Stainless steel, which has been used in kitchens since the thirties and is the preferred sink for professionals, meets the most demanding requirements: stainless, resistant to heat and acids, it can also withstand shocks, it is flexible (dishes do not break on it easily) and, thanks to its non-porous surface, is perfectly hygienic and easy to maintain. Finally, stainless steel is eco-friendly as it is 100% recyclable. Stainless steel is maintained with a simple soft cloth and cleaning cream to eliminate dirt and traces of limescale. You can choose between different types of stainless steel with different finishes and properties: smooth, satin or patterned stainless steel.

Ceramic sink

Ceramic sinks create a warm atmosphere for your cooking preparation area. They are appealing with their fluid lines and enamel surface. Available in many colours - matt or glossy - they work beautifully with the right worktop. Ceramic has many benefits: it is very resistant to knocks and scratches, and it can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. It is stain-resistant, and is very easily maintained, allowing you to enjoy your kitchen sink for a long time.

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Automatic or manual waste?

An automatic waste has a lever that allows you to open and close the sink valve without plunging your hands into dirty or cold water. While the manual pop up waste system gives you a more cost-efficient product, the automatic pop up waste system is more convenient. Further thought can make the sink-area even more useful. What about a removable chopping-board, which fits over the sink to give more worksurface, or a built-in soap dispenser – both practical and attractive. We also supply draining baskets in stainless steel, or for the keen cook, how about a separate multi-function sink – for cleaning fruit and vegetables, rinsing plates etc etc!

Which mixer tap for your sink?

How to choose your mixer tap

The perfect combination of sink and taps creates harmony in line with the style of your kitchen. Taps are used all the time in a kitchen and play a significant part in your satisfaction with your kitchen. Chrome plated, satin, coloured or timeless, the choice is vast! We have selected the major brands, which use the best materials and the latest technology for you to guarantee quality and lifespan whilst also giving you a design that appeals to you. We love an appealing and practical mixer tap! The pull-out spray attachment or aerator is a huge advantage. You can fill containers outside of the sink, and clean the sink drainer easily. You can switch from a normal jet to spray jet for different applications.

Most of our mixer taps even help you to make energy savings! With only 3% of water in the world of drinkable quality, it makes sense to try and conserve water wherever possible. Most of our mixer taps are fitted with a water saving cartridge in order to help you reduce your water consumption without sacrificing the performance of the tap, the cartridge also reduces the amount of hot water used, which can help save up to 25 % on energy.

Our exclusive Schmidt mixer taps

Are you looking for a tall or small mixer tap? With or without a spray head? Featuring a chrome, stainless steel, black or golden finish? We offer over 40 exclusive mixer tap models to suit your every taste and your every need.

Swan neck mixer tap

This swan neck mixer tap brings a soft, curved touch to your kitchen.

Top lever mixer tap

This chrome mixer tap is fitted with a water-saving cartridge to reduce the flow rate and reduce water use.

Small mixer tap

This two-tone mixer spray mixer tap is fitted with an energy-saving cartridge to reduce the amount of hot water used and thereby save energy.

Pull-out spray head mixer tap

The pull-out spray head draws its inspiration from industrial kitchens and makes washing-up and other types of cleaning easier, even in case of a shallow sink.

Semi-professional mixer tap

This spray mixer tap features a highly contemporary design with its chrome and matt black finish. Succumb to the charm of its easy use and functional design.