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Guides and comparisons for your fitted kitchen

Because the kitchen is such an important part of the home, you can count on Schmidt to provide support and guidance every step of the way when designing and caring for your interior solutions with its dedicated guides and comparisons. You can view our guides that explain how to choose your dining tables, sinks and appliances (pyrolytic ovens, refrigerators, etc.). Discover a wealth of tips and advice on how to effectively fit out your contemporary kitchen. Schmidt kitchens are designed to fit every home interior, regardless of the available space. Follow our guides and you can easily personalise your designer kitchen. You can give your kitchen a touch of originality and prestige without exceeding your budget. By referring to our comparison guides, you can choose which finish is best suited to your needs, complete with details about the advantages of their easy-to-clean design. If that were not enough, everyone can design their kitchen from the comfort of their home and even select their products and services using our 3D configurator.
Vue de l'îlot du côté de l'évier, avec la hotte décorative, et les armoires dans le fond de la cuisine Arcos Vertica, Arcos Edition coloris blanc mat et gris anthracite effet matière Oxid Blue.

Caring for your kitchen sink

How to keep your kitchen sink as beautiful as ever? Everyday maintenance, beauty care, products to be avoided and some cleaning tips and tricks for all materials. Granite, stainless steel or ceramic: a personalised care sheet for every material!


Vue de détail de l'armoire avec le four et le micro-ondes dans une cuisine Nebraska, Major, coloris marron Caneo Pores Ouverts Mat et bois teinté Cognac.

Pyrolytic, catalytic and steam-cleaning ovens. What’s the difference?

Pyrolytic, catalytic or steam-cleaning? These three cleaning modes each have their strengths and weaknesses. That you need to know, because they can determine your choice. Explanations to help you choose the right oven for you.



Vue de face de l'équipement électroménager avec le réfrigérateur avec une porte ouverte, les fours et la plaque de cuisson avec hotte intégrée encastrée dans le meuble bas dans une cuisine Major Eolis, coloris bois teinté Pastel Oak.

How to choose the right fridge?

Everything you need to know to choose the right cold solution to meet your needs and wishes. Static, circulating or ventilated? Free-standing or fitted? Advice from our experts. Follow the guide!



Tables and chairs: how to make the right choice

A kitchen that is closed or opens into the lounge, a snack area or a coffee table, barstools or designer chairs?
How to successfully harmonise your interior, while reconciling comfort and style?
Our made-to-measure tips will help you choose the right tables and chairs, no matter what you need.


Build your own fitted kitchen

Do you have a kitchen project with Schmidt, or you are about to do it?

Schmidt accompanies you in the installation of your kitchen and, to better guide you at each step, offers you to download a free installation guide.