Tables and chairs: how to make the right choice?

The overall effect must be stylish and well matched, but comfort must be on the menu too at mealtimes! How to reconcile practicality, comfortable seating and an attractive look? Here are the right criteria, with some expert advice and personalised solutions, from the kitchen to the lounge/dining room. The recipes of success when choosing your tables and chairs!

In which room and for which use?

Kitchens with a snack area: adjustable high chairs or bar stools

The height of the seats must be compatible with that of the bar top. It must be possible to pass your legs under the bar top, but without having to rest your chin on it! For a bar / snack top at a height of about 110 cm (the usual height to share a meal), the seats must be about 80 cm from the floor. 

Fixed or adjustable height? If the height of your counter is personalised, then opt for gas-lift seats, which offer the only means of adjusting the seat to the ideal height.

Closed kitchens: customisable chairs matching the table and the style of the kitchen.

The right questions to make the right choice 

• The criteria when choosing chairs. Avoid fragile materials and prefer those that can be cleaned by simply wiping with a sponge. 

• Which dimensions for the table? The number of diners is the obvious criterion. Allow at least 45 cm per person when seated and 1.20 m to pull out the chairs without a rear passage, or 1.50 m with a rear passage. 

• The same table for meals AND preparations? If so, bear in mind resistance to heat, cold, heavy utensils, scratches and shocks. 

Kitchens that open onto the lounge

The eating area will be visible from the lounge, so your tables and chairs will inevitably have a significant decorative impact on the entire living room. 

Practical and decorative chairs.
Easy with a model like Nemo, with its beech frame and seats, available in more than 25 colours. For a 100% personalised version, as unique as you are!

A table top to match your kitchen worktop.

Personalisation allows for perfect harmony with the decor of your kitchen. The colours, decor and materials can all be used to combine practicality and pleasant aesthetics. The ultimate in chic!

Lounge chairs that highlight their comfort.

The pure wool seats of the Cosy chairs, the wraparound shells of the Globe model… opt for range-topping comfort! And once you are sitting comfortably, enjoy the pleasures of a lengthy meal with the family or a dinner amongst friends.

A personalised table.

Choose a table top decor according to your tastes and wishes, and matching the colours of your seats, for example.

Decide on the look you want for your tables and chairs

Bespoke tables and chairs just for you!

Colours in harmony, matching tones with the rest of your decor? Or bold colours for an original, contrasting decor? The range of colours allows for all styles, plus one: your style!

Chairs with practical vinyl seats, pure wool for pure British luxury, or a plastic shell…? The range of choices is broad enough to make your personal wishes come true!

Wooden chair frames to add a touch of warmth? Or metal for a loft-like look? Classical, designer or romantic,… it is your interior decor that decides!

Black table legs for an « industrial style », or white for a minimalist design effect? And for the love of detail, you can even choose the shape of the feet of the Expando table: pure « rectangular lines », or rounded «leaves »or «triangles» for an original touch. 

High, low, square and round tables… The shapes, materials and colours blend elegantly into your decor, adding that touch of vitality that you dreamt of! 

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