Open plan kitchen with terrazzo central island emphasized by black units and shelves.
Terrazzo kitchen with black columns and suspended metallic shelves
Mineral look for this kitchen with terrazzo fronts extended down to the floor, contrasting with the matt black cupboards.
Kitchen with terrazzo-style island and black units with suspended shelves
Dining table as extension to central island and suspended shelf with built-in extractor hood.

Kitchen with Terrazzo-style worktop

Mineral attraction

Collection Elegance

Xavier and Céline’s industrial-style kitchen epitomises everything about the organic look. The mineral tones (one-piece island with the imitation-stone Terrazzo worktop) contrast with the metal of the suspended extractor hood, shelves and Willow glass fronted units. Design fans Xavier and Céline are firm believers in attention to detail. Their taste for aesthetic designs shines through in the kitchen with the use of the Color Mix concept to create a two-tone island unit with a black pan drawer that extends the dining table, while blending seamlessly into the worktop.

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Built-in Electrolux steam-cleaning oven and microwave
Electrolux combined oven and microwave, built-in one above the other.
Designer kitchen mixer tap with brushed aluminium appearance
Designer kitchen mixer tap with brushed aluminium finish.
Black metallic kitchen shelves with smoked-glass windows
Black metallic shelves on legs, ideal for the kitchen.
Central island with Terrazzo appearance and handleless storage units
Base unit with full-height front to hide the plinths.