Grey-green kitchen with island and glass panelling with garden view, natural, plant-inspired appearance
Open plan kitchen with central island, natural appearance with concrete grey and matt green units.
Kitchen with glass panelling opening onto garden
Kitchen with glass panelling opening onto dining space and view of garden.
Kitchen table with oak wood top and designer metal legs for 6 people
Large bridge kitchen table with wood top made from solid oak surrounded by VINI chairs.

Kitchen with glass panels and concrete worktops

Indoor garden

Collection Naturally modern

Green is the new black! Driven by their love for nature, Lisa and Vincent have created a kitchen with skylights that speaks volumes about their personality. The green fronts (Sencha) are highlighted by the light grey worktop (Rocca Grey), seemingly making the kitchen a natural extension of the garden. Daylight streams into the kitchen, casting a warm glow over the aromatic plants growing in the pots incorporated into the middle of the marble island. The mineral spirit reigns supreme. Seemingly lost amidst the plant life, this eco kitchen with its stone-effect finish has enthralled Lisa and Vincent’s two children. At snack time, they have got into the habit of watering the chives, basil, thyme and rosemary before tucking into their sandwich filled with Lisa’s home-made blackcurrant jam.

Zoom on this open plan kitchen with glass panels

Black and chrome rounded spray-type mixer tap
Black and chrome rounded spray mixer tap.
Kitchen island with concrete appearance and central planter
Central island with tops for aromatic herbs integrated in the concrete-style worktop.
Open niches for plants fitted in column-type kitchen unit
Column-type unit with open niches that are ideal for decorations and plants.
Preparation of recipe on induction hob with built-in extractor hood
Induction hob with built-in extractor hood.