The ideal design for a galley kitchen

Galley kitchens are typically found in narrow spaces, but they can also be built into large areas that open onto the living room. This kitchen layout is attracting an ever larger following with its wealth of advantages and trendy style. Galley kitchens can offer the ultimate in functionality, provided that they are well appointed and that you follow our tips on how to improve their design. At Schmidt, we can draw on all our expertise to help you breathe life into your future fitted kitchen. Take our professional advice and let us guide you through the extensive choice of finishes, styles and storage solutions!

The strengths of galley kitchens

Galley kitchens are available in two different forms, and your choice will depend on the room's width. If the space is no wider than 1.5 metres, a straight-line kitchen or i-shaped kitchen would be the most appropriate solution. This layout is especially suited to small kitchens or corridor kitchens, because all the units are fitted along one wall. What if the space is wider than 2.10 metres? In that case, go for a parallel kitchen, which features two worktops running parallel to each other along both walls.

Regardless of the layout that you decide to use, this type of kitchen has the advantage of being able to adapt to the room. It is a must-have in studios and old-style apartments where a narrow kitchen can easily be given a makeover for a contemporary look. Although this rather predictable type of layout does not leave much room to let your imagination run wild, it guarantees an ergonomic design since everything is within reach. A single wall is sufficient for fitting plenty of units and appliances. Finally, in case of an area opening onto the lounge, this type of kitchen blends in seamlessly.

In terms of the layout, the options are fairly limited, but when it comes to styles and finishes, the list is endless. We can design a contemporary black kitchen meeting all your needs and expectations. What about an industrial-looking kitchen? Scandinavian-inspired? A timeless design? A vintage feel? A professional-style kitchen? A graphical look? A sophisticated feel? These are just some of the different styles that you could fall in love with. The finishes will bring a sublime touch to your kitchen. Whereas lacquered finishes produce a mirror effect, textured units create a sense of depth and a warm natural result, such as wood, stone and marble. See all your desires come to life!

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How do you design a galley kitchen?

Before designing a galley kitchen, you must first mark out the different work zones, i.e. cooking, washing and prepping. Certain rules need to be followed when arranging and fitting a kitchen that is comfortable and especially safe and practical. With a straight-line kitchen, the dishwasher and sink tend to be located in the centre of the worktop with a fridge and freezer on one side and the cooking appliances on the other. With a parallel layout, you can group all the technical functions on one side and use the other side for storage and prepping. You will then have a great worktop for preparing tasty dishes.

The whole challenge with a galley kitchen is optimising the storage space, whether having as much as possible or tidying away items if the kitchen opens onto another room. To benefit from maximum storage, Schmidt offers higher and deeper units to free up the floor space. Ergonomic and ingenious systems also represent an excellent alternative, such as sliding or lift-up doors, drawers beneath the sink and units with handleless fronts. In addition to cleverly designed storage solutions, compact appliances can also free up space, like a hob with two burners instead of four.

There are many other ideas for enhancing a one-wall kitchen. For example, the splashback can be put to good use by fitting a bar for hanging everyday utensils. In addition, if there is enough floor space, a built-in kitchen accompanied by an island is the perfect solution for creating extra storage units. This layout creates a dining area and serves as the perfect excuse for bringing the whole family together.

When it comes to decorating a one-wall kitchen, there are solutions to suit every taste. However, certain well-chosen combinations of colours and materials can transform your kitchen into one of your favourite haunts. Parquet flooring laid in the same direction as the kitchen and light can create a dynamic feel, while emphasising its length. Similarly, clean tones matching the wall colours can soften the mood and produce a sense of volume. Graphical patterns on the floor can catch the eye and help forget how narrow the kitchen is. The most daring of you might create a distraction by painting the ceiling in striking and stylish colours. Go for a harmonious look or play with black and white for a contrasting design... either way, you cannot go wrong with these sure-fire winners.

Fancy illuminating your kitchen? Ready-made solutions are at your disposal in addition to effective off-the-shelf lighting solutions. We would advise you to fit light wells. Not only are they highly practical, but also very fashionable. Why not open up the kitchen by fitting a metal or wooden partition window? This great classic is available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Our other advice for choosing the right colours and layout for your kitchen:

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