Why choose a grey kitchen?

Grey kitchens are timelessly elegant, but some people may be reluctant to take the plunge for fear of creating an interior that is too cold or classic. Take a look at our solutions for creating a grey fitted kitchen that matches your personality and which offers all the advantages of this colour without forgetting your personal touch!

What are the advantages of a grey kitchen?

Choosing a grey colour scheme is all about creating a timeless kitchen in your home. Grey kitchens have retained their elegance over the years, proving that they are anything but a passing fad. A kitchen in this colour is a kitchen that can easily be kept for a decade or more: grey kitchens never show their age! As such, they are a safe bet that can simply be brought into any type of home interior. Grey is the prime choice for all those who are searching for a relatively permanent kitchen and who want to give a timeless touch to their home interior, which will stand the test of time without suffering the consequences.

The ultimate in refined elegance

The second major advantage with a grey kitchen is its innate sense of elegance. It exudes natural style, and the total look is easy to achieve with this neutral colour, unlike other brighter colours that need toning down. From the fronts and the splashback to the seats and the worktop, feel free to use a splash of grey everywhere. You can easily play around with various shades or texture / material effects to take your design to the next level. Grey may be ideally suited to a classic home interior, but it is also a good choice if you are looking for a kitchen with a stylish industrial look.

Grey: the perfect colour for easy cleaning

Finally, one of grey's major attractions is that it is easy to clean. Small stains and dirt are naturally less conspicuous on grey kitchen fronts or splashbacks than on light colours or even black, which tends to show them up more due to the contrast. Therefore, grey will prove to be one of your greatest allies in everyday life, meaning that you do not need to get the sponge out at the slightest mark or speck of dust, even in the tiniest crooks and crannies. A grey kitchen will make life so much easier while bringing an elegant and timeless touch to your home interior!

Are there any disadvantages with choosing a grey kitchen?

A kitchen that feels too cold?

Grey may elicit images of timeless designs, but it can also add a modern touch to the interior, especially when lacquered or chromed. Just take a look at the tremendous success with stainless steel appliances and food processors! However, it can also produce a cold feeling, which could work against the warm atmosphere that you are trying to create in the kitchen. The simplest and most effective way to overcome this problem is to add a splash of colour.

You can clearly go for a contrasting effect by using bright colours for some of the fronts, or for the seats or unit handles, or you can stick with neutral colours by designing a white and grey kitchen or a grey and black kitchen. This solution avoids the risk of ending up with a monochrome kitchen while maintaining a highly stylish look. Feel free to play around with various shades by opting for a light and dark grey kitchen, which will bring a dynamic, yet soft feel to your living space.

A kitchen lacking character?

Are you worried that a neutral colour such as grey will make your kitchen look too classic, lacking in character and underwhelming? Once again, colours are the way to go for adding your own personal touch to your kitchen. If your heart is still set on a monochrome design, concentrate the colour on the walls! Grey has the advantage of blending easily with all colours. It also creates less contrast and produces more warmth than black. Your grey fronts and units will easily stand out.

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Personalise your grey kitchen by spending time on the finishes and the different combinations of materials

What materials should be combined with a grey kitchen?

Grey kitchens are ideal for playing around with variations. As a sober and natural colour, grey is a match made in heaven with mineral finishes. The Minerale Attraction kitchen brilliantly embodies the organic and modern spirit, and offers the double pleasure of a kitchen with strong lines and materials modernised by the industrial style. Do you like grey, but cannot live without the warmth of wood? No problem! Grey harmonises perfectly with wood, as demonstrated by the inviting Auguste's Home kitchen.

Another option is to use wood featuring your favourite colour! This will give your kitchen a stylish country look, such as the Tender pastels kitchen with its patina-effect oak fronts! A brick wall or splashback is also ideal for reinforcing the industrial or loft feel of a grey kitchen. Grey lends itself perfectly to a wide range of styles, whether designer, natural, rustic, modern, organic or woody. There are countless possibilities for creating a truly personalised kitchen, meaning that you have complete freedom to create a dark or light grey kitchen as you see fit!

What finishes are available for enhancing a neutral colour?

When choosing the colour for a kitchen, people often forget that it is not just the colour that matters. The finish also plays an important role in the overall result. Opting for lacquered grey kitchen fronts or splashbacks is a great way of giving your kitchen a strong contemporary feel and showcasing its modern design. This is the ideal choice for spotlighting your connected appliances or your collection of food processors and other gadgets!

If you are looking to maximise your kitchen's timeless appearance, look no further than a matt finish to give your fronts a sober look and create a soft atmosphere in your kitchen. This is also the most suitable finish if you are intending to add splashes of contrasting colour to avoid creating a visual overload.

Our other advice for choosing the right colours and layout for your kitchen:

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