Fitted modern kitchens

Time to focus the spotlight on a Schmidt-designed modern kitchen. This Scandinavia-inspired fitted kitchen showcases wood and natural colours enhanced with stylish finishes and elegant geometric lines. The central kitchen island is surrounded by smart storage furniture and latest-generation appliances to complete a truly ideal fitted kitchen. The leaf-shaped handles add a touch of fantasy, while the unit fronts with their graphical finishes and velvety-smooth lacquer bring extra charm and originality to this open plan kitchen.

In a modern fitted kitchen, everything is designed to make everyday life easier for budding masterchefs. Open sections in the lower part of the central kitchen island provide the ideal home for your recipe books, while the wall units with their sliding doors boast built-in lighting. The opening-closing mechanisms are incredibly simple yet effective, and the unit heights are specifically engineered to satisfy your ergonomic requirements. When it comes to choosing the colours, sand shades and mole tones are among the most popular, but slate grey and green-blues can also create a stunning kitchen. Alternatively, go for your favourite colours before deciding on the tables and chairs to create the bespoke modern kitchen of your dreams.