Grey, straight-line kitchen with the new, ultramodern Claystone colour.
Flush-mounted sink built into the worktop.
Drawers under the sink are extremely practical for sorting waste and storing domestic products.

Modern grey galley kitchen


Oscar and Anne were hoping to find their dream kitchen to fit out the long, narrow space available… And they found it, in the modern, clean lines of this Claystone grey kitchen - it was just what they were looking for! The couple are big fans of Scandi style, so they just loved the contemporary design of the furniture, beautifully set off by the wood cladding that brings a really natural feel. As Oscar and Anne like a well-organised home, this kitchen’s floor to ceiling units, which mean they can really optimise storage, were sure to clinch the deal.

Closer look at this modern grey kitchen

Eolis single-recess design for flowing lines with no visible handles.
Combination of storage units with open niches and LED strips.
Floor-to-ceiling unit to optimise and maximise the available space.