This must-have wine fridge has its own housing for seamlessly integrating into the kitchen!
The butler sink is mounted on a unit and brings both charm and character to the kitchen.
Base unit with an internal drawer and a specially designed bread basket.
The raised installation allows the dishwasher to be loaded and unloaded more easily: everything is within reach!

Extendable kitchen island

The Extended Family

Collection Country spirit

Marc and Annie are rushed off their feet. Especially since this young retired couple moved to the west coast and fulfilled their dream of owning a superb kitchen with views over the sea. Taking the time to pore over every single detail was vital for creating their showpiece kitchen, without forgetting the most important pleasures in life, such as spending quality time with their grandchildren around the extendable kitchen island (a Schmidt idea that has become Marc's favourite piece).

Zoom on this extended kitchen island

Extendable kitchen island perfect for large families.
Eating area adjoining the kitchen with the new Bario table and Zyka chairs.