Red and black fitted kitchen with handleless fronts
Full-length red and black kitchen with a made to measure central island.
Large kitchen storage cupboards, matt red handleless front
Wall of built-in handleless cabinets, from floor to ceiling.

Red and black design kitchen

Dolce Vita

Collection Designer Line

A treat for the eyes... and the taste buds! That is exactly what you get with this Italian-style red kitchen (Sirra) that opens onto the lounge. The sleek lines of the black dining table (Caneo) acts as an extension to the central island and bring a graphical, geometric look to the entire room. Denis and Valentina are thrilled with the countless extra-deep storage units that are ideal for keeping their kitchen spotlessly clean. The end result is a full-length kitchen design with a perfectly optimised island, where your best recipes will be treated to a foretaste of paradise.

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Extra deep pan drawer units from schmidt for increased storage space
Pan drawer unit with standard or extra-deep drawers.
Built-in raised wine cooler in column-type unit
Built-in raised wine cooler in the kitchen.
Sink unit with storage space for care products
Sink unit equipped with a sponge rack and towel rail.
Built-in designer spray mixer tap with brushed metal appearance
Spray mixer tap with brushed metal finish.