Built-in LED profiles to light up your working area.
Storage cabinet equiped with a sliding tablet.
The flexible premium induction cooker allows you to put different vessels on the same area.

Modern white kitchen

Made-To-Measure Lines

Collection Elegance

One of our finest modern white kitchens, we’ve created style and storage despite the beams and window constraints. With pull-out base units wide wall units, it’s a masterclass in aesthetics and practicality.
This kitchen comprises units from the Strass Brilliant range (Magnolia in the photo) with lacquered handles (Magnolia in the photo). Inno'Quartz worktop in Nocce.

Zoom on this white modern kitchen

True made-to-measure to the nearest millimeter.
Many different made-to-measure solutions to equip your fridge and create additional storage space.
The gloss lacquer gives a spacious feel to the kitchen.