Practical, light-filled closed kitchen.
Functional cabinet with built-in oven for storing supplies, with everything in easy reach.
Storage piece with built-in insert drawers.

Small modern wooden kitchen


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One of the things Mary really loves is spending time with her 7 year old daughter, who stays with her every other week. They like making delicious cakes together and then trying a slice while they chat about this and that or talk about school. In fact it’s the small fitted kitchen’s warm, friendly vibe that first caught the attention of this city dweller. The bright, functional L-shaped design offers this young thirty year old some serious advantages. With her busy lifestyle, she never tires of having breakfast every morning at the handy breakfast bar just before leaving for work!

Zoom on this compact kitchen

A base unit with pull-out drawer: convenience and accessibility for everyday use.
An eating area perfectly built into the kitchen: the space is optimized thanks to this snack area above the radiator.
The stools blend seamlessly into the interior.