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Drawers and storage equipments

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Onix: the new high standard drawer by Schmidt. 
Onix is so much more than Schmidt's new signature : it's a whole new drawer idea.
A concept bringing together quality, precision, aesthetic and sensitivity.
Caneo coulour becomes Schmidt's new standard : darker, more elegant, high specification standards. 

Illuminated drawers: beautiful, let it show!

In the drawers! A made-to-measure LED strip automatically switches on when you open your drawers: everything is there and can easily be seen with this affordable touch of luxury typically found in high-end kitchens.

Our drawers : fully equiped and made-to-measure

Broaden your horizons

A drawer that can store everything. You can even store those pastry forks that you can never find when dessert is served. What about the cake slice? Right next to the forks.

Taking The Spice Route has become much easier

Everything is in the right place. Tip: labels are easier to read when jars are laid on their side. Where's the curry powder? You'll find it in two seconds flat!

Drawer equipments

Portrait en noir et blanc du designer Bruno Acchione créateur des concepts Latitude et Longitude pour la collection Schmidt 2017.

All-round innovation

An innovative concept for a smart horizontal splashback created exclusively for schmidt by designer Bruno Acchione.

"Understanding contexts, habits and the behaviour of people by observing them, allows us to notice the little things we never pay attention to."


A place for everything… 
A true made-to-measure solution is a safe investment: drawers are adapted to suit the width of your room and the dimensions of your accessories, from rolling pins to teaspoons. Read on for a guided tour.

Vue des équipements bois et métal laqués noir Latitude arrangés de façon artistique.

Vue de biais d

Vue de dessus d

Vue de biais d

Vue de biais d

The Latitude concept has received the JANUS price


The JANUS Industrial price is a label created in 1953 by the French Design Institue and it rewards industrial products that were designed from their conception to bring a user experience value and a real benefit for the consumers.
Jurys are renown professionals in their field : engeneers, ergonomists, designers, architects, advertising...
The JANUS Industrial price is awarded after the project analysis following the French "5 E" criterias : Economy, Ergonomic, aEsthetic, Ethic, Emotion.

For the third time in 2017, the industry Janus Industrial price was  awarded to Schmidt for creating its inner drawer storage solution LATITUDE. 
LATITUDE, a storage solution made by Schmidt.
Containing while proposing some freedom of storage, this is LATITUDE's secret.

"Inspired by the coordinates Latitude and Longitude, the "Latitude" concept enables to create small and big spaces and subspaces"

Croquis illustrant un module Latitude façon crayonné de designer

Croquis illustrant un module Latitude façon crayonné de designer

Croquis illustrant un module Latitude façon crayonné de designer

Croquis illustrant un module Latitude façon crayonné de designer

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