Smart and elegant kitchen storage solutions

Schmidt has designed a range of clever storage units to make everyday life in your kitchen that much easier by keeping everything within reach, including spacious cupboards, base units with pull-out drawers, unique accessories and even secret compartments. Tidy, sort and hide with our smart kitchen storage solutions.

Interior storage solutions for cupboards

The traditional cabinet

is timelessly fashionable and highly practical with its many shelves that can be adjusted to the required storage height. Capable of fitting into all your kitchen projects, this cabinet’s simple design will suit every budget.

Store cupboard

Do you love cooking and spices? Schmidt’s store cupboards are quick to reveal their innermost secrets: everything can be seen with a single glance. Trays are also available for storing all your loose foods.

Larder unit

This highly practical cupboard conceals drawers filled with foods arranged into different categories. Invisible behind their door, the drawers slide out to give you instant access to the ingredients that you will need to prepare your greatest culinary dishes – but you’re the chef, so their success is down to you, not Schmidt, as much as we’d like to help!

The decorative sideboard: why didn’t we think of it earlier?

The decorative sideboard, or the art of seductive doors. They allow a glimpse of everything inside, but without giving anything away. And they look good too. An attractive doorless larder unit equipped with a series of drawers in different heights. You will be impressed by how much fits into it!


The gaps between each drawer half reveal your fine jars or glassware, while concealing the rest. A very fashionable spirit of « drafted industrial furniture », revisited in the colours of your kitchen or in contrasting shades. The fronts and sides are available in more than 100 matching or contrasting colours. The low and high bespoke versions are eye-catching or discreet. They are THE new centrepiece of designer kitchens!

Foldaway doors to hide your cooking

When it comes to preparing your meals, easily open the foldaway doors to reveal an incredibly practical workspace … The front slides along the side to conceal your preparations … before effortlessly sliding back to unveil your future showstoppers. 


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Special bottle unit

Bottles often take up a lot of space and have to be stored in a basement or wine cellar. However, this storage solution allows you to keep your bottles within easy reach. Choose the unit that goes best in your space and give it that personal touch by selecting the equipment and colour that are right for you… Let yourself be swept away by the attractive design for practical everyday use!

Small practical kitchen cabinets

The housekeeping assistant

Time for a clean-up? This is a mission for cleaning agent. Slide it open to reveal all your household products. Always there when you need it, the cleaning agent is detachable and ready for missions anywhere in the home, before returning to base.

The intelligent unit

Schmidt has created this multi-functional unit, with its multitude of compartments in different sizes, functions and widths. …There is always room for everything, from large bottles to small jars, bulky trays and even the oven drip tray.

Spice unit

Olive oil! Balsamic vinegar! A large spatula! With Schmidt’s cooking agent, everything you need is within easy reach. Available in an attractive grey or trendy apple green, the customisable cooking agent can be fitted behind the front of your choosing.

Storage in the extractor hood unit

So what do you store next to your extractor hood? This extractor hood unit cleverly occupies the available space to store everyday objects that should be kept out of sight.

Drainer unit: an end to chaos

You don’t like leaving your dishes to dry by the sink? With this drainer unit, your worktop will always be tidy and your dishes can be left to dry out of sight.

Wall unit with offset partition

With its vertical partition, this multifunction unit has more than one trick up its sleeve. You can use it to arrange all your jars while also finding room for your attractive bread boards. It is also ideal for your dishes.

A revolution under the sink

Sink units

Solutions for keeping everything organised beneath the sink, with handy sponge trays, ultra-functional racks for storing bin liners and dishwasher tablets, and what about an internal drawer for storing your cleaning products? That is what Schmidt bespoke solutions are all about – the ability to adapt to everyone’s lifestyle.

Selective sorting made easy

Schmidt has created this unit for sorting your waste. Times are changing and so are our bins. As the number of sorting bins increases (plastic, glass, composts, etc. …), we also need to think about large capacities to avoid having to change the bag every day!

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