Customised aesthetic appearance

To create a space that reflects your personality, Schmidt allows you to customise every aspect of your kitchen units and to choose the colours and materials you like the best.

Minimalist style for some, busy for others. Technical, designer, natural or industrial… At Schmidt, we are limited only by the boundaries of your imagination. That is why we have created COLOR MIX, a solution that lets you create your own combinations for the unit of your choice: different colours for the fronts and carcase to customise your interior. So what will your mix be? In our 3D configurator, you can try out all the possible combinations of colours and materials from the comfort of your own home.

Mix and match the colours in your kitchen to your heart's content!

There’s no limit to customisation! With COLOR MIX, you can now mix any 3 colours on the same unit. …That adds up to 214,461 possible combinations. Tell us what you want or, even better, what your dream combination of fronts and carcases is. Our designer salespeople are dream makers, the architects of your wishes and the designers of your living spaces. They know how to help you choose the colours and materials that will make your kitchen unique and elegant.

Creativ’Box: try out your choices online

Do you want to find a kitchen style to match your tastes? Then try out the colours and the thousands of possible combinations directly in our online 3D configurator (no installation required). Try out the combinations of colours, materials and effects and create the feel and mood you want in the layout of your choice. You only need one finger and the Creativ’ Box is ready and waiting for you.


You can also customise the insides of your units

Yes, it’s true! Customisation can even extend to the inside of your units thanks to the many different drawer colours available. A choice of 30 colours, including wood effects, will let you create the perfect matching colour tone or achieve a contrast with the exterior by opting for a different colour or an assertive material effect.

And to help you find inspiration

Before creating the kitchen of your dreams, you might find it useful to discover some ideas that you like. Schmidt offers you a wide range of models representing the different fashionable styles of the moment as well as ideas about how to create your home living space with our units. Discreet and restrained or shining with originality: there’s no end to the choices available.

A mineral-style block to characterise the central island, with Terrazzo fronts contrasting with the airy, black suspended shelves.

Central island with concrete appearance and textured white fronts with planters

A marriage of natural tones with these plant and stone-inspired colours to bring the garden right into your kitchen.

Two islands linked by a snack area, full-height cupboards, smooth fronts... An arrangement full of elegance and plentiful storage.

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It’s so simple to design your own home-living project with solutions from SCHMIDT.