A colourful, warm bistro-style kitchen.
Open fronts and bottle cabinets incorporated in the wall units.
Bring style to your kitchen thanks to our base unit with mesh and melamine front.

Workshop-style kitchen


Collection Designer Line

Just because Aline and Luc now have a baby boy it doesn’t mean they no longer enjoy having their friends round for a drink or a meal! And that’s why they fell for this bistro-style kitchen with its warm, friendly atmosphere. Being able to sit around the central island and enjoy a drink before dinner or a family meal was one of the main arguments in favour of this irresistible design. The subtle combination of black metal and different types of wood was another thing they particularly liked - what they were looking for most of all was a practical kitchen where they’d feel at home cooking and entertaining.

Zoom on this workshop-style kitchen

Central island that is ideal for preparing tasty dishes with ceramic insert built into the worktop.
The stable, robust metal blind frame supports your kitchen units and gives them a completely new look!
A new black handle for even more style!