Kitchen unit with woven-effect fronts.
Drawers with wooden crate-style fronts: guaranteed deli atmosphere.
Practical pull-out drawers with open fronts.
Mesh front with exclusive Schmidt pattern making it possible to hang up numerous accessories.

Kitchen with recycled fronts


Collection Naturally modern

Marie and David were keen to live their lives in a more environmentally friendly way - even when it came to choosing a new kitchen. They loved the idea of a kitchen made of 100% recycled panels, and have built themselves a zero waste kitchen in their own image: practical, natural and warm. The couple lives in an eco-district, where helping each other out is very much a shared value - so it’s just as well the big kitchen table has plenty of room for a friendly get-together when neighbours - or friends of their three children - come round.

Zoom on the woven-effect fronts

Open storage that is practical and functional thanks to the shelves and hooks for accessories (dish clothes, oven gloves, etc.).
An original handle that is only available from Schmidt.
Wall unit with vertical storage areas that are ideal for your jars and bread boards.