Fitted & corner wardrobes

Bespoke wardrobe

What has every fashion addict been dreaming of? Creating their very own dressing room, whether in a separate room or their bedroom, and designing an immense and well-appointed wardrobe with countless storage spaces. SCHMIDT can design the ideal walk-in wardrobe while making use of every nook and cranny, even in an attic room. Choose the number of wardrobe spaces with pre-fitted clothes rails, fixed and adjustable shelves, shoe boxes, drawers and open / closed recesses. Do not forget to create two distinct areas - one for him and one for her!

In most cases, fitted wardrobes come with track-mounted sliding doors for even easier use. High-gloss geometric motifs are a great way of highlighting the elegance of the wood fronts, or instead go for a more contrasting look with a combination of coloured lacquers and wood finishes. Wardrobe doors can be swapped for mirrors surrounded by an elegant frame, while unstructured recesses can easily be fitted in the corners of an attic bedroom. All that remains is to sort out your clothes and accessories before tidying them away in your bespoke wardrobe.