The jewellery drawer for your very own touch of luxury.
The built-in mirror for checking your outfit.
Treat your shoes to pull-out drawers made to just the right height.

Bespoke dressing room with storage accessories

Private Showroom

Dressing room

Why settle for a walk-in wardrobe when you can have a whole room? The full-height wardrobe storage solutions are perfectly arranged for showcasing and displaying all your outfits and footwear, while hiding your prized jewellery in the beautifully lacquered fitted drawers. What could be more perfect than choosing what you are going to wear, surrounded by your entire wardrobe collection? This dressing room features Matt Everest melamine with an Everest glossy lacquer finish.

Personalise your wardrobe in 3D

Do you want to start your dressing room project? Discover our online 3D planner and test yourself the many options available. Adapt your dimensions, the number and shelves, the type of doors... You can even match the colour of your furniture, walls and floors easily!

Zoom on this walk-in wardrobe with storage

Say goodbye to creases! The bars slide out smoothly, so you can hang up your your trousers and then slide them back.
The central island is just so useful.
The dressing room that every woman has been dreaming of!