What organisation: on the right there are two rows of clothes rails and on the left the clothes are neatly folded behind the swing doors.
To keep your things tidily folded and arranged in the drawers at all times.
Combine the domino units to store everything the way you want.

Bespoke dressing room with wooden wardrobe

Conveniently Chic

Dressing room

Now is the time to have your dream walk-in wardrobe created ! Made perfectly to measure and designed in our showrooms according to your needs, it can be divided into a man, woman or even kid area. Discreet laundry baskets, shoe racks, tie rack, jewellery organiser... everyting adapts to your way of living. Enjoy a meticulous finish everywhere in the colours that best suit you, such as this Magnus and white design. No doubt you will go to bed every night with a sense of fullness.
This dressing room features an Magnus melamine finish.

Personalise your wardrobe in 3D

Do you want to start your dressing room project? Discover our online 3D planner and test yourself the many options available. Adapt your dimensions, the number and shelves, the type of doors... You can even match the colour of your furniture, walls and floors easily!


Linear dressing from 1,8 to 3,1 m

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Linear dressing from1,3 to 2,1 m

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Corner dressing of 6,8 m²

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Linear dressing from 2,4 to 4,1 m

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Corner dressing of 8,8 m²

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Zoom on this walk-in wooden wardrobe

A single room divided into two. One side for Her, the other for Him!
Wall cabinets for men's suits.
Bookcase with storage space to separate your storage areas.