Walk-in wardrobe with island in style of basketball players sports dressing room
Genuine wardrobe cabinet with made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe for basketball fans.
Osaka black desk island in dressing room
Central island equipped with numerous storage possibilities.
Bench with open pull-out storage cubby for sports equipment
Bench with large storage space thanks to pull-out drawers.

Dressing room with bench and island for sports enthusiasts

Top flight

Dressing room

Basketball fan Cyril is in seventh heaven. His athlete's dressing room has been created to his own design and is organised into five specific areas: a laundry area, a fan zone, a wardrobe, a coat closet and an office with built-in plug sockets. His personalised dressing room reflects his favourite sport and shows off his tops, balls and trophies. Like any self-respecting basketball player, he owns countless pairs of sneakers. Just like works of art, they are neatly aligned along the shoe shelves. Every sneaker tells a different story: the red pair remind him of that hard-fought victory, the white pair of when he got injured and the black pair of when that NBA star signed his top. At the end of the day, he can slam dunk his sports clothes straight into the laundry basket. After a final glance at his coat closet, it is time for Cyril to dream of the greatest dribbles in basketball's history.

Personalise your wardrobe in 3D

Do you want to start your dressing room project? Discover our online 3D planner and test yourself the many options available. Adapt your dimensions, the number and shelves, the type of doors... You can even match the colour of your furniture, walls and floors easily!


Linear dressing from 1,8 to 3,1 m

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Linear dressing from1,3 to 2,1 m

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Corner dressing of 6,8 m²

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Linear dressing from 2,4 to 4,1 m

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Corner dressing of 8,8 m²

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Zoom on dressing room for sports enthusiasts

Storage unit equipped with laundry basket with basketball hoop
Basketball hoop placed above the unit with built-in laundry basket.
Made-to-measure shoe shelves for the basketball collector
Made-to-measure shoe shelves ideal for the basketball collector.
Show window with made-to-measure illuminated niches for sports trophies
Niches suitable for every basketball trophy.
Bench with open pull-out storage cubby for sports equipment
Bench with large storage space thanks to pull-out drawers.