High-end dressing room with dressing table unit

Prête-moi ta plume dressing room

Two top French home design and décor brands teamed up to create this elegant dressing room. To express the refinement and originality of Schmidt and Christian Lacroix Maison, the “Prête-moi ta plume” pattern harmoniously combines graphic elements with a twist of multicoloured feathers. La Vie En Rose and Nano Black colours create the perfect contrast. The made-to-measure layout combined with the proper interior lighting and ultra-practical folding doors of this wardrobe is a beautiful addition to any home. 

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Linear dressing from 1,8 to 3,1 m

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Linear dressing from1,3 to 2,1 m

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Corner dressing of 6,8 m²

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Linear dressing from 2,4 to 4,1 m

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Corner dressing of 8,8 m²

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Wardrobe with LED clothes rail.
Dedicated drawer for organising your shoes.
Open shelf with built-in LED lighting.