Aesthetic, functional dressing room.
To find your things more easily, add internal lighting.
Small designer unit, ideal for bedrooms.

Bespoke wooden wardrobe for bedroom

Cocoon In


Wrap up yourself in you cocoon ! Everything is comfy, functional and well-ordered. Like these bedside tables coordinated to bedside cabinets with dropdown doors. Discover the best fitted wardrobe right next to your bed: refined materials and colours, lighting system, personalised drawers and blocks... refined and discreet from floor to ceiling.
This dressing room features a Tabacco and Tonka melamine finish.

Personalise your wardrobe in 3D

Do you want to start your dressing room project? Discover our online 3D planner and test yourself the many options available. Adapt your dimensions, the number and shelves, the type of doors... You can even match the colour of your furniture, walls and floors easily!

Zoom on this bespoke wooden wardrobe

Made-to-measure wardrobe.
Optimise your storage space.
Equip your dressing room to meet your needs.