Bespoke furniture and storage

Schmidt is a master in the art of bespoke storage, and our family-run brand has been offering its expertise to customers for six decades. Transform wasted space into practical storage solutions! We can create millimetre-perfect units, meaning that every nook and cranny can be put to good use, even beneath the stairs. A fitted dressing room in a corner or beneath the eaves, a designer TV unit, a wall-mounted bookcase, a fitted wardrobe... without forgetting the possibility of creating a designer office area featuring a unique style and enhanced with storage columns, a spacious desk, drawer units and cubbyholes. Our bespoke expertise will rise to the challenge of your layout requirements.

Affordable bespoke storage furniture

Affordable and bespoke shelving and wardrobes?

At Schmidt, we believe that bespoke furniture should be affordable, so we developed a specific range to offer you the best of functional storage solutions at budget-friendly prices. From wardrobes and dressing rooms to storage rooms and shelving, your entire home can now be fitted with bespoke furniture. Enjoy the Schmidt quality and style in your home, from the hallway to the bedroom!


More about the First concept

Upgrade to bespoke interior solutions

To bring you one step closer to your ideal storage unit by maximising your available space, choose one of the many possibilities for personalisation, including a wide range of colours (matt, lacquered or wood essence finishes) and innovative solutions, such as built-in lighting, sliding and folding doors, clothes rails, adjustable shelves and laundry baskets. Enjoy a wealth of handy accessories for tidying away your shoes and clothes while saving maximum space and keeping everything within easy reach, even in full-height units!

3D wardrobe configurator

Would you like to test your dressing room idea like an expert or prepare your walk-in wardrobe before meeting your Schmidt designer? Fancy designing a small entrance closet or a whole room exclusively for your belongings? Our online 3D dressing room configurator lets you choose the layout for your project and then match the materials and colours for your storage units. Try out, save and then share your ideas with your showroom or friends & family!



Your design in virtual reality

Slip on an Oculus 3D headset and see your project come to life! Enjoy a 360° walkthrough of your room and check out the equipment for your future storage units. This ultra-realistic immersive experience is the ideal opportunity to easily test the height and position of each unit and confirm that you have made the right choices according to your height and needs. Take your storage designs from the drawing board to virtual reality and see what they look like before fitting as if you were actually there!



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