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Bespoke furniture and storage

Schmidt is a past master in the art of storage: fitted wardrobes beneath a sloping ceiling, designer TV units, wall-mounted bookcases built around a fireplace... our family-run brand has been offering its expertise to customers for 80 years, while keeping abreast of the latest technologies and trendiest styles. Thanks to our expertise in designing bespoke interior solutions, we can create millimetre-perfect wardrobes and sideboards, meaning that every nook and cranny can be put to good use, even beneath the stairs.

In addition to a spacious desktop, our designer offices can be enhanced with storage columns, drawer units and alternating open and closed sections. Sliding door wardrobes are a treasure trove of clothes rails, adjustable shelves and compartments that you can use as you see fit. When it comes to the colour ranges, finishes in various wood species are a match made in heaven with glossy and matt lacquered paint, whether pastel tones, invigorating colours or timeless black and white.

Vue d'ensemble des armoires du côté de la chambre avec le dressing Arcos Vison Tabacco avec façade bois et beige.


Succumb to the temptation of our high-end, made-to-measure walk-in wardrobes, each personalised and designed with practicality in mind, and perfectly finished with attention to detail... pleasure and efficacy guaranteed every day!


Vue d'ensemble des armoires du côté de la chambre avec le dressing Arcos Harvey Green Tea avec façade bois et grise.


Our made-to-measure cupboards can be customised to ensure a perfect fit for all your spaces, including entrances, lounges, bedrooms, and more. Schmidt helps you transform your rooms into well-designed spaces that perfectly reflect your requirements and wishes. The Schmidt advantage: a unique personalisation service with a large range of highly fashionable materials and colours.


Vue de côté du meuble TV Sandiego Willow Shamrock avec la composition mise en situation.

TV and home cinema units

Whether they are the stars of your lounge or discrete companions for cosy evenings, our TV and home cinema units can be adapted to suit all your requirements and offer the best storage solutions.


Vue de face de la composition avec le meuble Miami Caneo Mat Canyon à porte abattante ouvert


A discrete work space or a true home office, Schmidt’s made-to measure home office range adapts to any interior. Ergonomic trays, open or closed storage, decorative bookcases and more. Elegance and ergonomics guaranteed.


Vue d'ensemble du meuble Java Tabacco Magnolia couleurs bois et blanc.

Sideboards and dressers

Looking for a big china cabinet for your lounge or a small occasional sideboard for your entryway? Our made-to-measure sideboards and dressers can be adapted to accommodate any storage constraints.


Vue d'ensemble de deux meubles Willow avec facades en verre fumé noir.


The dreamer in you has imagined this made-to-measure solution: a huge bookcase with open and closed niches, full of books and decorative objects, not to mention storage spaces. Our bookshelves are a great addition to any room and in any size, thanks to original made-to-measure storage compositions.


Vue d'ensemble du meuble Agra Iron Black  Gold avec facade noir et métal

Design Furniture

An enormous choice of colours and materials! Here’s the secret to our designer and made-to-measure storage solutions. A unique personalisation service especially designed for you by our showroom sales advisers.


Vue d'ensemble de la bibliothèque d'angle avec en avant plan l'armoire, la colone d'étagère, le bloc coulissant surplombé de deux niches, les niches ouvertes assemblées dans l'angle, un bloc coulissant surplombé d'une niche, une colonne d'étagères et un meuble bas avec porte battantes.

Below sloping roofs and below stairs

Schmidt will help you maximise your home’s storage potential with its large range of space-saving storage solutions. Attic cupboards, storage solutions below roof slopes and bookcases under the stairs. Our made-to-measure expertise will rise to the challenge of your layout requirements.


Vue d'ensemble des rangements Urban Oak avec façade bois

Bedside furniture

Choose practical, designer furniture for a dream bedroom without any compromises: Highly practical clothes rail, suspended units, comfortable headboards or designer bedside tables.