A designer entrance unit featuring a contrasting look with Magnus wood and Everest white.
A small slim-line chest of drawers that is just perfect for the entrance.

Shallow light wood entryway cabinet

At Your Humble Service


Valerie is the brains behind the idea of creating an all-rounder unit tucked snugly between two doors, in an area that was too shallow to fit anything else. This entryway cabinet or chest of drawers is extremely handy for emptying pockets into the drawers provided, tidying away shopping bags that never seem to have a place of their own, effortlessly hiding away shoes and placing flowerpots without any risk of humidity damage or scratches. This eye-catching space with its ceramic worktop and bespoke interior solutions bears all the hallmark of Schmidt's creativity.

Zoom on this shallow entryway cabinet

Showcase your decorations on this ceramic base panel.
The utility drawer in this chest of drawers in the entrance is so handy.