Bespoke fitted cupboards

Offering the ultimate in functionality and modernity, SCHMIDT's bespoke cabinets bring their stylish finish and beautifully balanced proportions to both bedrooms and lounges. Their wall-hugging design makes best use of the available space and offers countless storage spaces hidden behind their swing or sliding doors. As a practical solution for getting ready in the morning or evening, one or two doors can be replaced with mirrors. A graphical motif can give added sparkle to the fronts, or a selection of open sections and wooden drawers can liven up the overall design.

Unleash your creative streak in the lounge or bedroom: the generous wall bookcase with its flawless lacquer finish can accommodate a fireplace at the bottom. In addition to adjustable shelves and drawers, hallway units can be topped with a pull-down shelf that doubles as a desk. The dual aspect cabinet does a wonderful job of dividing a room into two separate spaces. A spacious oak-coloured closet in an entrance can produce a stunning effect when combined with a series of open recesses with a sun-yellow finish. Design your ideal cabinet... SCHMIDT will waste no time in making your dreams a reality.