Fitted laundry area with built-in sink, appliances and domestic products.
Fitted larder solution with open niches and storage drawers.
All the provisions are easily accessible thanks to the many pull-out drawers.

Larder-laundry solution

Behind the scenes

"A place for everything and everything in its place"... is how Oscar and Anne want to organise their utility area! Big fans of practical storage systems, what they like most of all are simple systems that have been thoughtfully designed to work well in everyday life. On the one hand, all you need for a practical laundry area. On the other, a storage system for a perfectly organised pantry. And that’s exactly what caught their eye in this utility area designed by Schmidt. Quality materials in soft shades, clean lines and sensible storage... the recipe for a perfectly organised home if you ask Oscar and Anne!

Zoom on this larder-laundry solution

Drawer under the sink for storing domestic products.
Drawers and open shelves make it easy to store all the supplies.
Sliding shelf for putting down the laundry basket: so practical.