Bespoke kitchen shelving in every style

Kitchen shelving

Rigorously geometric, destructured, lacquered, featuring a wood finish... whatever the style, made to measure designer shelves naturally belong in any contemporary home interior. Whether in a kitchen or industrial-look office, they can easily be paired with all sorts of cubbyholes and recesses to create practical and stylish kitchen storage solutions. A set of kitchen shelves can be used to colonise an entire wall or transform a corner into an angled storage area. Tell us all about your favourite materials and colours, and we will promptly provide a free 3D diagram of the bespoke storage solutions that you have been dreaming of.

All styles for the kitchen and interior design

A bookcase with shelves and a bench seat in the kitchen, an original L-shaped shelf built into a closet, and a dressing room with black shelves for him and her. Regardless of the chosen configuration, a single expert will always be on hand to provide support and guidance, from the moment you approve the quotation until your units are ultimately assembled. When it comes to the latest trends, you are spoilt for choice, such as the Scandinavian style with sensual curves, an original take on a New York-style workshop with ultra-modern touches, and timeless elegance enhanced with noble materials, without forgetting a sparkling pop look with vibrant colours or a zen style with neutral tones and essential forms. The palette of colours and finishes ranges from intense red and textured matt grey through to satin pastels and wood tones. The common denominators with our fully modular units are high-quality materials, easy cleaning and resistance to the ravages of time. They combine ergonomic designs with sleek lines.

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Countless little extras

In addition to our shelf base units, drawers and cubbyholes, we can make life easier for the entire household with our array of clever and extremely handy accessories. When it comes to lighting, built-in LED lights are the way to go. Available in strips and individual spotlights, they can be fixed beneath the top shelf in a cabinet or around a mirror in the bathroom. Laundry baskets and bins have their own discreet place inside the units. Busy masterchefs will be delighted with a splashback bar for hanging their knives, mini-shelves for their spices and a tablet holder for displaying their recipes.

The ingenious Sesame concept is based on the lift principle and provides access to the items concealed in tall cabinets with a gentle push of a button. Although the drawers are deep and wide, they still deserve to be properly organised. Fit partitions in the right dimensions, and use baskets and other cutlery holders. Some people will choose a refined glass front, while others will prefer minimalist handleless doors for their set of shelves... it is all a matter of taste. Others will leave their storage units open, such as a TV unit with shelves for organising their appliances and books, along with a mix of different heights and contrasting colours.

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