Bespoke bookcase unit with illuminated cubbyholes.
Built-in designer LED spotlights.
Practical for storing your LP collection.

Original living room bookcase

Music Box

Living room

Alex adores London-style loft apartments and designer spaces, but he wanted to create a combined display for his collection of musical instruments, records and artefacts. Mission impossible? No problem with Schmidt, who created his very own bespoke bookcase. Each instrument in the collection is showcased in made-to-measure illuminated boxes. Anything that could spoil the view (cables, sockets, transformers, etc.) is hidden behind the Tonka fronts. Everything is designed so that Alex can chop and change his display as he sees fit. 

Zoom on this original bookcase

Bespoke storage cubbyholes ready to house your musical instruments.
Built-in lighting for showcasing your instruments.
Practical for storing your LP collection.