Bespoke storage unit equipped with several drawers.
Vintage Oak wood finish combined with Tonka-coloured Loft matt lacquer.
Mixing style and functionality, this storage unit is the ideal solution for music fans.

Buffet with vinyl record storage


Living room

He loves his large factory skylight. Alex has added a bespoke sideboard that complements the skylight to perfection. Serving as a showcase for his record collection, his first James Brown single takes pride of place alongside his signed Amy Winehouse record. For the ultimate touch of luxury, the pull-out drawers can be opened with a gentle tug to reveal all the album covers and the Amy Winehouse record with the dedication: "to Alex, Amy for life".

Zoom on this vinyl record storage

Low cabinet ideal for music lovers and record collectors.
A storage unit that adapts to your needs.
Practical for storing your LP collection.