Storage unit for animal accessories
An entirely made-to-measure, design-inspired cat unit, ideal for storing all the accessories for your much-loved animal.
Planter in the kitchen for catnip and aromatic plants
A built-in planter in the worktop so that aromatic herbs are always within easy reach.
Kitchen base unit with cats bowl and storage for dried food
Cat’s eating area fitted directly in the kitchen’s base unit with storage for dried food.

Made-to-measure unit for cats


Purring can be heard coming from the kitchen… it’s Lisa and Vincent's cat snuggled cosily in the unit designed especially for him. Featuring a compartment for the basket, a cubbyhole for the biscuits, two drawers and a cupboard for tidying away their favourite pet’s accessories, this designer cat unit allows their faithful companion to keep a close eye on his meals while looking through the window at the blue tits playing in the trees. With its white and green colour scheme (Sencha), it blends seamlessly into the kitchen’s natural and plant-inspired decoration.

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Ideal worktop for being watched by your cat
Shelves and worktop at the perfect height for storing, cooking or watching...
High kitchen shelf ideal for your cat
Optionally, either open storage shelves or cat tree.
Kitchen or lounge base unit with storage possibilities for animal food and accessories
Many storage possibilities in this base unit dedicated to pussy-cat’s playthings.