Other variants may be proposed, for example with handle or hand grip, to achieve even more personalisation.
Colour shades.

Built-in low bookshelves

Tasty Colours

Living room

This bespoke entryway furniture is 100 % customisable. Bespoke dimensions let you define its length, height and depth in order to fit any space. Interior layout is also free of choice : doors, drawers or open storages. Here shown in a cameo of magnolia, glace chestnut and fig. A real delight!
This entrance unit features a Kashmir Grey, Magnolia and Tonka melamine finish.

Zoom on this built-in bookshelves

The position of the shelves is perfectly adapted to the size of your items during the project design phase.
The construction of this bookcase gives you complete freedom when it comes to choosing the colours.
Built-in drawers flush with the structure for a pure design.