Shelves for keeping everything within reach.
Create the perfect space to look after your child.
Bespoke wardrobe designed for children's room.

Bespoke baby room furniture

Journey to Iceland


While dad is busy playing with his kitchen gadgets, the youngest child is creating chaos in the bedroom, whether lining up the toys for a battle or preparing a rocking horse race - but fear not, everything can be tidied away in the blink of an eye in the bespoke drawers and shelves. Nothing can escape the deep drawers, not even the long furry snake that always seems to be lying around. Harmony reigns supreme with the highly soothing Iceland and Celest colour scheme. Best keep our voices down… it looks like he's fallen asleep.

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Bespoke wardrobe designed for children's room.
Shelves with designer metal frames... the perfect solution for showing off a collection of teddies.
Large bespoke drawers to keep your children's clothes tidy.