Bespoke bedroom furniture

Just like any other room, bedrooms deserve their very own bespoke units combining a modern aesthetic design with plenty of functionality. To make best use of the available space, our stylists have designed a collection of space-saving wall storage units with an airy feel and have drawn on their ingenious streak to create a bedhead flanked on either side by a spacious bedside table. The end of the bed is occupied by a dual-compartment storage module that is tailor-made for storing books and magazines. As part of our continual determination to maximise the available space, the chests of drawers come with sliding doors and graphical metal handles, and shelf units with open and closed sections have been mounted to the wall.

When it comes to colours and textures, the storage units go for a contrasting look between the warmth of the wood and the gleam of the flawless lacquers. As for the resolutely Scandinavian-style units, the light oak finish with its winding grain is all it takes to breathe beauty and an authentic touch of nature into the bedroom. Succumb to the temptation of the irresistible bespoke oversize wardrobes equipped with clothes rails, shoe compartments, drawers for accessories and several shelves for all your clothing.