Architectural-style desk with black metal shelves and grey units
Desk with architectural design in the industrial style.
Grey desk with double-sided storage
Desk with numerous storage spaces with double-sided access.
Desk drawer with longitude storage box and black handle
Drawer equipped with elegant black handles and storage boxes.

Grey designer desk in industrial style



Industrial spirit? Are you there? Yes, with this designer grey office representing the purest workshop style. Black metal is prevalent throughout the room, whether the bookcase structure, the desk legs or the display case frame. Take a seat at this desk and admire the major storage space. The cabinet features a decorative finish and is highlighted by an illuminated cubbyhole and folders hidden behind the doors. A modern, graphical work surface where creative juices naturally flow.

Zoom on industrial desk with shelves

Black metal shelving with Metal line cubbyholes
Collection of design-inspired shelves with black metal structure.
Black industrial shelving with Willow smoked-glass window
Mix of shelves and smoked-glass, lit windows for a workshop style.
Storage piece for office with swing door for filing cabinet and open niches
Made-to-measure built-in storage cupboard between two picture windows.