Folding doors: to ensure wide-open access.
Lots of storage space with this pull-out drawer.
The ideal combination of materials and colours for your entrance unit.
Make full use of the available space with a bespoke floor-to-ceiling design.

Hallway furniture for shoes and clothes

Showcasing the Entrance


Just like the fine-dining dishes that Marco enjoys preparing, the first few steps inside this home set the scene for what is to come, namely taste, finesse, balance and originality, with its asymmetric doors that break up the lines and mirror the large window in the background. This wall of interior solutions blends seamlessly into the rest of the home and is high on practicality with its base units, which double as a handy seat when taking shoes off tired feet.

Zoom on this hallway furniture

This practical bench is equipped with a drawer for storing your shoes.
A hanging rail with light for picking out all the different colour tones in your wardrobe.
Drawer sides in your chosen colour.