Schmidt, lighting solutions for your storage

The latest developments in led technology have transformed lights into a decorative element in their own right, such as warm, diffuse and targeted lighting as well as specific service lighting solutions. The right lighting choices can set the desired mood and breathe life into your home interior.
Schmidt's lighting solutions can also be ultra-personalised. Whether built into our accessories or added to the units of your choosing, they are just as stylish as they are practical - the details make all the difference. No unsightly cables or protruding buttons… the sheer quality of our light fittings can immediately be seen – such is the superior finish that you can expect from Schmidt. But a word of caution: lighting is not an area where you can make it up as you go along! Tell our advisers about your requirements and they will be happy to enlighten you.

Schmidt: lighting solutions

Led strip

The ideal solution for showcasing your display unit and your favourite ornaments, bottles and glasses with a made-to-measure led strip. Led strips - a sure way of bringing a real touch of class to a china cabinet or bookcase.

Built-in spotlights

Styled built-in spotlights reveal just enough of their beautiful bodywork to shed the right amount of light onto a desk or in a walk-in wardrobe.

Illuminated clothes rail

Shine a light on your outfit for the day with a clothes rail featuring a built-in led strip. Guaranteed to create extra style and that coveted showroom look!

Lighting profile

A soft light running the full height of the wardrobe, to within the nearest millimetre.
With our built-in led profiles, opening your wardrobe becomes a real pleasure.


In order to light decorative objects and create an atmosphere in your piece of furniture, choose the built-in backlighting.

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